About us

Our strategy – create a unified agronomic and trading system that will allow satisfying the needs and expectations of the farmers.

Agricultural Cooperative “Radviliškio aruodas” Founded on the May 30th, 2017 in Radviliškis. Twenty-six of the regional farmers have decided to join a cooperative to make it easier to negotiate with the grain trade for buying fertilizers, pesticides, and seeds for better prices.

One of the primary objectives of the cooperative was to admit loyal and fair members. Since its’ beginning, the cooperative has strived to expand.

As of today, 50 farmers – landowners with about 9800 hectares of cultivated land. The farmers in our cooperative are committed to selling their harvest to the cooperative.

All of this ensures a stable and successful cooperative. The most important matters are decided on the cooperative board.

Within the cooperative, we aim for teamwork, responsibility, and trust in each other, which helps us to grow and improve.

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